[Tweeters] tufted duck in vancouver today 1/8/12

STEVE KOHL M.D. stkohl at msn.com
Sun Jan 8 18:24:06 PST 2012

sorry, this is will and jan rissers post...more than fog and otters at ridgefield! We looked for the tufted duck where Randy Hill saw it yesterday. Too foggy at 1 PM, but we succeeded at 4 PM. There was a lot of human activity and there were no ducks off of Randy’s cove initially, but several flew in before long. The tufted duck’s clean white sides and black back were evident. He was feeding actively initially and the tufts were hard to see. When he stopped for a while and perhaps after his head had time to dry a bit, the tufts became more obvious. He was near a male Barrow’s and 3-4 female goldeneyes and in the general vicinity of a few scaup. Some additional directions that may help: Turn south off of SE Columbia Way when you see the big post that says Marine Park. Follow the road around toward the boat ramp and park in the lot near the water. The birds were out from the cove where two large white yachts were moored; this must be the cove that Randy mentioned yesterday. There was a red-breasted sapsucker in the trees along the water. Jan and Will Risser, Portlandforwarded by steve kohl, brush prairie, wa

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