[Tweeters] Where to Stay in Ocean Shores

zuckerbond zuckerbond at comcast.net
Sun Jan 8 18:55:21 PST 2012

We would second the Best Western as our fav, but only when we can get a
steep discount on the room. Shilo Inn is usually quite a bit cheaper, and
we've had good stays there. The annoying lights they shine at the ocean
waves made it easy to watch the shorebirds fly off the beach towards the bay
at high tide! I agree that the Comfort and Quality Inns are also fine.
Really curious to hear about where others like to stay! Casino? B&B's? Mary
Bond & Ira Zuckerman, Seattle

Subject: RE: Ocean Shores Geese, Owls, Places to Say

From: "Don" <ac7zg AT frontier.com>

Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 18:35:20 -0800

Best Western had the best views as its close to the beach. Lots of older
hotels along the main street -- Quality and Comfort Inns are both modern
construction. I have also stayed in the Gray Gull - not bad but its pretty
dated, needs a refresh.

Subject: Ocean Shores Geese, Owls, Places to Say

From: Joe Massey

Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 16:33:27 -0800

Advice on where to stay in Ocean Shores would also be most welcome.

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