[Tweeters] Douglas County Gyrfalcon

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Sun Jan 8 19:21:53 PST 2012

Hi Tweets -
We drove over to Douglas County today to see what we could see. There were the usuals - a few red-tails, a lot of rough-legs, plus ravens, kestrels, horned larks, and about a million Eurasian collared-doves in Mansfield.

But the highlight of the trip and the year so far was an adult gray-phase Gyrfalcon sitting on the third power pole west of the intersection of Highway 172 (aka Road 14 NE) and road C NE 2 miles west of Mansfield at 1:15 PM. the bird stayed on the pole long enough for very good looks and pictures, then flew north and landed on a post in the half-section line fence. From there it went east across road C.

A buteo-sized falcon with mustache, a bluish gray back, white breast with dark gray streaking, pointy wings and direct, powerful flight - a magnificent bird.

- Roy A Myers, Electric City

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