[Tweeters] black-crowned night-heron in Stanwood

Grace & Ollie grace.ollie at frontier.com
Mon Jan 9 18:26:15 PST 2012


Today we observed 1 adult black-crowned night-heron sleeping on its day
roost in Stanwood. As Michael Willison reported, the roost tree is near
downtown Stanwood behind the Josephine Retirement Facility which is at
intersection of 273rd Place NW and 100th Ave. NW. There is parking along
100th Ave NW. The large conifer behind the bldg. is the tree. As Michael
reported you need to be in just the right spot in order to see it. There is
a fence along the sidewalk to keep people from falling into a ditch on the
other side. From the intersection, going North, count down 7 fence posts
and stand there looking at the big tree which is to the East. It worked for
us to line up one of the, thru the roof, plumbing pipe vents with the left
trunk of the tree and just a short distance above the roof the heron was
roosting. This is not a Quality View. Getting to see just part of the
bird is difficult.

Grace & Ollie Oliver

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