[Tweeters] Re: Hunters and birders in the same space

Bill Cirino newbflat at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 00:05:40 PST 2012

If i had shot rain down on me from above i wouldn't have said
anything. The incident in question was a hunter shooting directly
towards a group of birders. luckily he was shooting low and only a
portion of the pellets hit around us. the rest hit the water/duck. It
was not spent shot raining down but still "hot" pellets being shot
from about 75 yards away. Well under a second between the shot and
pellet impact. I doubt it would penetrate my close but it could
easily take an eye.. While i agree a day glow vest or something is a
good idea, my bright blue jacket and another birders red jacket didn't
seem to help much. Also, every hunter i saw was in full camouflage.
Not a bit of safety color on any of them...

I really only wrote the note as a heads up to birders..... take care
out there. Most hunters are fine but some are dangerous idiots.

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