[Tweeters] Common Redpolls at Pritchard Beach

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Wed Jan 11 17:17:48 PST 2012

There was a flock of ~10 Common Redpolls in the restored wetland at Pritchard Beach today, feeding in a alder tree about 100 feet north of the footbridge. I'd never seen one before and stood for the longest time trying to figure out what they were. Siskins? Siskins after eating cranberry sauce? Pale skinny house finches? Many years of bedtime field guide reading paid off this time. Lovely little birds. They were feeding with a bunch of goldfinches. Some robins and juncos stopped by.

There's a path from the south end of the footbridge that leads to their general vicinity, though they may well move on before morning.

A Peregrine Falcon was also hunting this afternoon at the north end of Genesee Park, across the street from the Rowing Center.

Catherine Alexander
Lakewood Neighborhood
South Seattle

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