[Tweeters] bird vs window strikes

Suzanne Staples marshwren at pondhouse.com
Thu Jan 12 12:42:55 PST 2012

I've read a few reports on Tweeters where birds have struck the windows of
individuals who are evidently birders - at least Tweeters subscribers.
There are so many relatively easy ways to avoid this.
Bird shops sell many kinds of unobtrusive decals that adhere either to the
inside or outside of the window. Slightly more aesthetic, a long chain or
string of colored beads or glass bits or shells hung at the top mid-window
works well.
I have more window than wall, I feed birds and live in a rural area. By
using the above treatments, I rarely have a bird strike.
Having worked in a bird rehab facility for years, let me tell you, most
window strikes don't make it. They break either their necks or backs, or
have such a severe concussion that they are unable to come back from it.
It's one small way we can protect the birds we enjoy so much.

Suzanne Staples
marshwren at pondhouse.com

Science flies us to the moon but religion flies us into buildings.

"Nature is cruel; humans don't have to be." Temple Grandin
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