[Tweeters] Lots of Varied Thrushes (including one frozen one...)

Marc Hoffman tweeters at dartfrogmedia.com
Tue Jan 24 15:10:57 PST 2012


The bird can be "taxidermied" only for someone with a proper license
to collect native species. I donated a Kingfisher (struck on the 520
bridge) to Burke Museum. It could be that the little museum at Mercer
Slough (just north of the blueberry farm on Bellevue Way) could take
it. I also know folks at Camp Long in West Seattle who would probably
love to have it -- they do a lot of education through their summer
camp program.

Marc Hoffman

At 12:30 PM 1/24/2012, Mason Flint (Hotmail) wrote:

>Alas, we had a Varied Thrush crash into a window last week with

>unfortunate results. I took a few snaps and put it in the freezer

>in case anybody wants it. Does anyone with connections to bird

>specimen collections want the bird?


>Mason Flint

>Bellevue, WA

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