[Tweeters] falcated duck

steve adam sfdadam at comcast.net
Wed Jan 25 19:34:22 PST 2012

while traveling with my son last Sunday north of Sacramento, we
decided to check out the Colusa NWR. It was cold, windy, and pouring
rain but when we saw a lady looking out over one of the ponds with her
scope, we stopped and asked her what was up. She informed us we were
about to lay our eyes on the bird of a lifetime: The beautiful male
Falcated Duck. He was only about 50 feet away and was easily seen and
watched for about 30 minutes by the rapt viewers, which numbered 3
due to the weather I'm sure. What an amazing and serendipitous moment
for the two of us who had no idea that this rare and beautiful duck
would cross our paths on that stormy day off a dirt road about 60
miles North of Sacramento.
Steve Adam

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