[Tweeters] Emperor Geese, Dungeness Spit (near Sequim)

bruce paige BBPaige at nikola.com
Fri Jan 27 16:37:06 PST 2012

Should anyone be interested, the two Emperors were still present today at 1:40 PM. I may have the least successful record to date, but on my fourth try, found them. I parked at the very end of Cay's Rd. and scoped from the nearby grassy area at the top of a stairway down the cliff. A scope is required for a decent view even in good light, as the distance is at least a mile to where the geese have been regularly spotted for the past few weeks on the south side of the spit. If the city of Victoria is visible in the distance, the geese were in a line with the right (easternmost) concentration of white buildings. There was a white sign standing on top of the beach above the geese. The white heads, rumps, and orange legs particularly stood out in the afternoon sunshine on this relatively calm day. The geese have usually been on the shore foraging above the water, or swimming next to the beach.

Good luck!

Bruce Paige
Sequim, WA
spruceak at yahoo.com

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