[Tweeters] emperor goose just west of Graysmarsh - Wilcox Lane

Jan Sleight cottagebythesea at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 2 10:29:55 PST 2012

I saw one emperor goose in the tide flats just west of Graysmarsh Farm in Sequim on 3/1 at about 2:30 PM. There were several hundred brant in the vicinity. The goose was with a small flock of brant very close to the beach. I took two pictures of it before it took off with the small flock of brant. I then confirmed it with Bob Boekelheide. I parked at the end of Wilcox Lane, and saw the emperor goose within seconds after I reached the driftwood. That was one spectacularly showy bird. Bob told me he hadn't heard of any sightings of the emperor geese in this area, but given that Three Crabs and the oyster house are not far to the west, it certainly is not surprising. He also said people always report seeing two geese, but I saw just the one.

Jan Sleight
Seattle, WA
cottagebythesea AT hotmail.com

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