[Tweeters] Swallows Park (Asotin County) Sage Sparrow

Jonathan B. Isacoff isacoff at gonzaga.edu
Sun Mar 4 19:19:05 PST 2012

> No, not a typo! While trying to find that elusive Iceland Gull, which was not present, there was a SAGE SPARROW in Swallows Park, Asotin County at the small point by the river, South of the slough where the Crane roosts and due East of the Hells Canyon Visitor Center. It was in a brushy ivy covered patch with House Finches and Song Sparrows, very tame. Quite a surprise. Did not see the Crane today on two attempts. The Snake River Canyon had the usual assortment of birds with many, many singing Canyon Wrens and Say's Phoebe's, a couple of WESTERN BLUEBIRDS and a beautiful imm. GOLDEN EAGLE about 2 miles South of 3-Mile Rapids. Large numbers of Horned Grebes (25+) and American Wigeon (100+) were on the River between Clarkston and Ewan Pond. A ROCK WREN was singing on the cliff where Rosy-Finches/Peregrine Falcon hang around, though neither were there today. Not giving up on the Iceland Gull, I drove up to the large gravel bar on the Clearwater two miles upstream from Lewiston where there was a large flock of about 350 gulls. Sure enough, among the typicals, was "the" ICELAND GULL that has been so nicely photographed by a number of people. Also among the flock were 3 first cycle THAYER'S GULLS. Can't complain about a day like that!


> Good birding, Jon


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