[Tweeters] Ring-necked x Tufted Female (?)at Kent Ponds

barry levineb at fastmail.fm
Sun Mar 4 19:26:49 PST 2012

For those of you who like such said things, there's a interesting hybrid
female duck at the Kent Ponds. My best guess Ring-necked x Tufted.
Interesting facial pattern with golden disks on the sides of the face by
the bill. Also a crescent eye-ring. Bill dark black both above and below
the bold white ring. Head shaped more like a Ring-neck. Mottled brown on
the flanks. Sorry no pictures, but looks closest to the picture at this
Location: She was on the right hand side of the slough about 40 yards
north-west from the bridge on the Powerline Trail. The bridge is right
by the entrance off of the west side of South 226th St. Directions for
those of you who don't know the location:
Kent Ponds is accessible from I-5 and I-67. From I-5 Take exit 152,
Orillia Road. Go East on Orillia Road, which becomes South 212th until
you get to 64th Avenue.

>From I-67 take the 212th St Exit. Turn left onto 212th and travel to

64th Avenue.
Turn left onto 64th Avenue. There are several entrances to Kent Ponds.
One is on 64th Avenue at a little pullout on the right about a half mile
down 64th Avenue. Another small parking spot is as you turn right at the
corner of 64th to South 226th Street. This spot will lead to the
Powerline Trail, which many people enjoy walking along. This is where
you'll want to be.
If you check it out would be interested in what you think.
All the best--
levineb at fastmail.fm
Seattle, Wa.

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