[Tweeters] Boundary Bay Location

Mechejmch mechejmch at aol.com
Mon Mar 5 14:18:38 PST 2012

*I sent these directions in response to an earlier query and thought I'd throw them into the hopper once more for everyone to read. If you'd like to be thrilled with Snowy Owls up-close and personal, go now! Harriers and Short-eared Owls will keep you occupied between Snowys.
**As to crossing the border, a passport is the single best way to go.

How to get there:
Drive north across the border on I-5 which turns into Hwy. 99; take the Ladner Trunk Rd. exit; head west on the Ladner Trunk and turn left at the light on 72nd Street. Drive to the end of the road, park and lock your car....the owls will be waiting just on the other side of the dike (dyke).

Joe Meche

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