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Fri Mar 9 11:45:11 PST 2012

Jeff Gibson's occasional postings never fail to cheer me up and in fact I
always find quite amusing. A gifted writer indeed. I have to make my way
to Everett's Anchor Pub someday. But, like Redmond's Marymoor, too bad
Everett is so far far away and for all practical purposes, at the far side of
the Earth, leaving saving grace Jeff Gibson and Everett's KSER-FM (90.7)
Independent Public Radio which for some peculiar reason beams all the way
down here into my house in Bellevue-Eastgate better than just about everything
else, and is among the best of the best that the Seattle area has to offer
of which we are actually blessed with a LOT, way more than our fair share
compared to, hands down, all the rest of the USA. And trust me, I will be
knocking down anything that pops up one day to block that signal from
Everett, whether it be so much as an errant tree or a building.

I can relate though, I don't travel much locally either since flying away
and work elsewhere, usually at sea, tends to fill that void but that's
falling off now as I phase into retirement mode. So, I too may be in need of a
'road trip'. Heck, I haven't even been to Seattle at all this year yet,
in fact only ONCE since last summer! And that's only 10 minutes away from
my house via I-90 (or at least it used to be), but I can't see 'it' from
here, in fact I've kind of forgotten where -'it'- is actually. Don't bother
sharing tips, I can google it and bring up mapquest should the urge or need
arise. Never mind 520, I've so seldom used that bridge anyway, even before
someone dropped a toll on it the other day, and even before that, used
only as an alternate 'scenic route' over the Lake. So in my opinion, 520 was
never really needed in the first place as long as I-90 remained intact
(which -'it'- didn't at one point once-upon-a-time). Otherwise, 520 could just
be ripped out and replaced with nothing, save gazillion$, and for those
needing to go back and forth, try a kayak or something. The daily exercise
might do wonders to one's health and stem the obesity problem amongst the
sedate and tranquil, plus there's all the wonders of the Lake, the ducks, the
grebes, the eagles, seagulls even, to be enjoyed at a leisure pace, and
maybe a salmon or two now and then (think: sashimi breakfast with a paddle,
yum!). My gosh, where has this winter gone? It will be March soon. Maybe
I should buy some gas; haven't done that in I don't remember when. Is it
still $.79/gal?

True, way off topic and core purpose of Tweeters, so this, a one time shot,
no replies necessary, certainly NOT to tweeters unless something
pertaining expressly to Jeff's wonderful posting; I liked the "More or Less" Scaups
btw, LOL, and I promise not to be so naughty again. If to me, please keep
it civil. I hope you saw the humor intended here and not reading in
anything more sinister. Why do I feel like our very own local perpetual
champion whiner Dori Monson this morning or something? Maybe I just need a 'road

Come to think of it, next week, Missouri, 1-million+ Snow Geese right now
as I write so I hear, around and on the farms, vacuuming up the left overs
and missed Autumn harvest corny bits, and turning similar fields white as
snow throughout the area and nearby NW-MO River floodplain and refuge, and
more, yea! So, yeah, a 'road trip', not here other than the taxi ride to
SeaTac, might see a 405 Red-tail, but on the road there for sure since that's
the only way to get around and do business and opportunistically watch a
bird or two here and there.

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA
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