[Tweeters] Western Grebe standing and walking

Larry Engles engles at ridesoft.com
Sun Mar 11 15:33:19 PDT 2012

In a visit last Wednesday to Ocean Shores, I watched (and photographed) a
Western Grebe on the beach near the Shilo Inn. The grebe appeared to be
stranded on the beach far from the water. A dog came near (on leash and not
threatening) that prompted the grebe to make his way toward the water. It
was such an awkward walk! And then, to my amazement, it stood upright and
looked around, then walked again before plopping to the sand. It was simply
too far a distance to the water and the tide was outgoing. I could spot no
problems with it, but it did not fly. It just sat down and was evidently
waiting for the tide to come in.

It was a really cool experience. Photos can be found starting here:

We did find the Emperor Goose on the golf course (10th hole by the
clubhouse). Photos are here:
http://www.larryenglesphotography.com/p1042413768/h114e8b6a#h1f9ff70b .

On a related note, we traipsed around Damon Point in sunny, windless, 58
degree weather. Found Western Sandpipers and one Snowy Owl. I guess us
photographers have finally driven the owls away! :)

-- Larry Engles

www.LarryEnglesPhotography.com <http://www.larryenglesphotography.com/>

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