[Tweeters] WOS conference - Group Registration

Jack Stephens jstephens62 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 14 07:45:53 PDT 2012


The on line registration for the 2012 WOS conference opens tomorrow
morning at 5 AM. We have had several inquiries about how to register a
group (two or more people) so that they all get on the same field trips.
There is information about this on the registration page once it opens,
but with the question being raised more than once, I thought it would be
worthwhile to cover it separately here.

Let's say you are attending the conference with a friend or partner, and
want to go on all the same field trips. On the on line registration
form, simply have one person fill out the registration form, but change
the number of items for the conference fee and field trips from "1" to
"2". This will automatically reserve you two spots on all the field
trips you sign up for. We do not have second and third choices listed,
as the field trips will be taken off the web site as they fill, so if
you find the one you want, then sign up and you are done. If you don't
find it, then it is full, so go to your next pick. We will contact you
later, by e-mail or phone, for the contact information for the other
person in your group, so they will have their personal packet ready when
you arrive in Spokane.

For the banquet, if the entrees you want are different, just choose one
and we will switch the selection for the other when we contact you.

For groups greater than 2, the same process would apply, just change the
number of conference fees and field trips accordingly.

If you have a friend/partner and want to go on _some _field trips
together but not all, I would suggest registering separately, but do it
early so you can grab the same trips before they fill. If you have two
computers, this could be done simultaneously.

Thanks to all WOS members for working with us on this process. It may
seem hard now, but I predict once we get used to on line registration we
will never ever want to go back.

Good luck and good birding

Jack Stephens
president at WOS.org
Edmonds, WA

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