[Tweeters] Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2012-03-15

Michael & Janka Hobbs MJCT_Hobbs at msn.com
Thu Mar 15 14:52:42 PDT 2012

We don't usually cut our Marymoor visit short, and we arguably didn't today,
but we were all done by 10:45 or so, despite a 7:30 start time. As we made
our way up the East Meadow at around 10, the weather shifted from not
terribly nice, with gusty winds and rain, to a real gale - fierce winds and
heavy driving rain. We finished trudging around the loop, with nothing to
see (birds are smarter than humans, and do go out in weather like that).
Because we went around the mansion early, we skipped a return visit. The
Rowing Club was pretty much off-limits due to the boathouse construction, so
without too much reluctance, we called it a day. Even when it was good, it
wasn't very good. When it was bad, it was awful.


Great Blue Heron 5 nests started for sure, maybe 2 more
California Gull 2+ in small flock of mixed gulls
HERRING GULL 1 in small flock of mixed gulls
Hairy Woodpecker 1 near last dog swim beach
Common Raven 1 flew south over park
Cedar Waxwing A dozen or so in the East Meadow
Brown-headed Cowbird 1 female, First of Spring

I think this was only the 2nd time for HERRING GULL at Marymoor, though I
know there have been a couple of gulls we *thought* were Herring over the

For the day, just 50 species. For the year, adding HERRING GULL,
BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD, and the RED CROSSBILLS reported by Allan Grenon et.
al. on Sunday, I think we're at 89 species.

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