[Tweeters] Snowies at Boundary Bay

Carol Stoner tcstonefam at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 22:20:26 PDT 2012

We put our 4-yr.-old granddaughter to the test and made a day trip to
Boundary Bay to show her the Snowy Owls. We were delighted to quickly
spot 7 scattered on both sides of the dike entrance at 72nd. With the
tripod legs at their shortest, she could use the scope quite easily and
was thrilled to have an owl turn to look in her direction. We dipped on
Short-ears at West 90, but found a pair of No. Harriers soaring and
heard lots of Red-winged Blackbirds. Bald Eagles, Red-tails, swans,
ducks and Great Blue Herons also presented themselves for her
attention. A fine day of birding with decent weather and an intrepid

Carol Stoner
Kent WA
tcstonefam AT gmail DOT com

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