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jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Wed Mar 21 18:44:07 PDT 2012

On 3/14 I posted from Everett: " Mew Gull's don't seem to like parking lots.", which set off quite a thread of informative post's about gull behavior in which I learned all sorts of things I did'nt know. Mostly it seems, Mew's don't.

But today they did! I pulled up to the 10th street boatlaunch in Everett in early afternoon to check out the scene and was suprised to spot a Mew Gull parked out there right off the bat. And another, and another... counted around 80 of em! Cars driving around kept scaring the larger flock of all the gull's and they'd fly up and resettle. After parking there for awhile, more Mew's kept piling in- finally adding up to around 200.

After all the gull post's I paid a bit more attention to what was going on. There were fewer than usual Glaucous-winged (and Hyb) around. Three California Gull's, a few Thayer's, a Herring were also mixed in, but the Mew's really segregated themselve's mostly, in a tight knit group. I did note that any time a Glaucous- wing started walking around, the little Mew's got out of it's way in a hurry! At the far end of the lot some bread-tossing humans showed up, and one by one most all of the larger gulls headed over, leaving mostly all Mew's behind.

Of interest in the gull mix, was one Ring-billed Gull - that's it, there was only one. Last week, and most of the winter, Ring-billed and Glaucous-wings dominated the lot. Where have all the Ring-bills gone? Will have to come back more this week to see what happens next.

So when it comes to parking, sometimes Mew's do.

Jeff Gibson
Parking in Everett Wa

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