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Hello Rob,

That would be me who was waiting on the sora. It wasn't a problem. I didn't really expect to see it with the number of folk going by before and after your group, so it wasn't a problem. Glad you got a glimpse as well.

- Tom

On Mar 23, 2012, at 10:03 PM, "Rob Sandelin" <nwnature1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Today my Nature Explorers and their moms did the loop around Spenser Island. They were immediately captivated by the vocal buzzing of a Marsh wren but my students rejected that name to call them Buzzy wrens (or buzzy friends for one little girl). There were several times kids would stop and peer intently into the cattails to try and see these little sprites, and it is a measure of interest when 8 year old boys stop and stand still for more than a couple of minutes. But the key point of the show was after we had story time and as we sat in the sunshine a great blue heron, which stands taller than most the kids, landed quite close. We hushed and snuck over and peered through the screen of brush at this enormous bird, but buzzy was not about to be upstaged. One of the little wrens (The kids were sure it was the same one and was following us) popped out and gave such a fit of buzzing and jumping about, the heron decided to find a quieter piece of estuary and spread his pterodactyl wings and whooshed off. The kids nominated Buzzy the wren the best bird ever (at least for today).


> And if the person who was photographing the Sora is on the list, sorry for the distraction. As we returned the sora made a short appearance along the road.


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