[Tweeters] Never know where your next lifer will be :)

Mary Newlander maresblucrew at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 24 22:26:34 PDT 2012

Howdy Tweeters!

This is probably a "no big deal" bird for some of you but for me, it was my first sighting and therefore, an unexpected "lifer" for me. I had just filled my tank at the Covington Costco and on my way out, spotted some birds on the little water retention pond next to the station.  I watched 2 mallard pairs and 2 female Common Goldeneyes (no males in sight). I was about to leave when I noticed some movement along the reeds near the bank. To my delight, out swam a male Hooded Merganser!!! What a gorgeous, splendid bird. I watched for quite a while, happily spotting his mate and enjoyed seeing them diving and catching what looked like many small fish or frogs. So very glad I keep binoculars in every car, my desk and near every window of the house... I'm always on the lookout!

I've been looking for one of these guys for some time, having seen both the Common (regularly) and the Red Breasted.  Hooray for lifers in unexpected places!

Happy Birding


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