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You can tell Thor that jays are remarkably adverse to crossing water bodies. This can be seen anywhere they migrate. For example, the Steller's that migrate down the Ocean Shores peninsula in the fall refuse to fly across to the other side of Grays Harbor. This is well known in Blue Jays in the East. Thus it is impressive that they are on Orcas, which is two or three miles from Lummi Island, which could be the source; and around four miles from the mainland.


On Mar 28, 2012, at 10:37 AM, Eric Kowalczyk wrote:

> I have sent Dennis's comments to a friend who resides on SJ Island. Here are some of his comments:


> Yes, there are some very interesting patterns out here. Considering our proximity to several major universities, and the relative ease of getting around the islands, I've always been astounded that people haven't done more research in the San Juans. The chipmunks are primarily on Lopez. Douglas squirrels on Orcas and Blakely. Coyotes are on Guemes and have recently swum the channel to Cyprus, but still haven't breached Rosario Strait to the rest of the islands. Flying squirrels are in fact here, though restricted to San Juan Island. And of course those jays -- why they don't cross the <1 mile from Orcas to San Juan is unfathomable to me!


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