[Tweeters] Varied thrush song in my suburban yard

Barbara Miller bmill07 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 30 10:20:31 PDT 2012

Here in the Bellevue (Washington) Crossroads area we have a suburban
landscape with some bits of Doug-fir greenspace not far away in several
directions. But the seriously deep forest with which one associates the
song of the Varied Thrush is not at hand. I have had the pleasure of seeing
a varied thrush regularly visit the ground underneath my feeders this
winter, snapping up bits of suet that have fallen, and digging a bit,
presumably for insects. I figured that, once the higher elevations were
truly snow-free, he would return to them.

But as I faced yet another grey morning wishing for something special to
raise my spirits, I heard a new bird song from the flowering plum, an
extended single-note flute that I associate with forests and thrushes. A
check with the binoculars showed that indeed, my varied thrush is now
singing from the top of the tree. I imagine it's too much to hope that a
female might agree with him that this would be a place to raise young, so I
plan to enjoy it while it lasts (when a brood of mallard ducklings appeared
last year next to the small water feature in my yard, they didn't last long,
so I am all in favor of birds only nesting in places that are right for
them). But I'm wondering just how rare an occurrence this is in backyards
that are not right at the edge of deep woods.

Barb Miller

Bellevue, Washington


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