[Tweeters] red-flanded bluetail, vancouver,bc..yes

STEVE KOHL M.D. stkohl at msn.com
Sat Jan 26 16:47:23 PST 2013

sybil and i took the 300 mile jaunt up to queens park in new westminster,bc today and mixed in with about 8 other birders hoping to see the bluetail...about 20 minutes after our 3:30 arrival we were able to identify it on fallen logs and and in the leaf litter in the area between picnic area 1 and 2 as previously posted...a neat little bird much easier to see with many eyes looking since it moves around a lot and did not vocalize at all....well seen and lots of fun for about 30 minutes... good birding, steve and sybil kohl, brush prairie,wa

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