[Tweeters] The long and the short of it. Eide-Edmonds

barry levineb at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 24 19:13:02 PST 2015

A group of 5 of us had quite an exceptional day of birding from Stanwood
to Fir Island, to Valentine Rd and finishing in Edmonds.
We were able to find both of the roosting Long-eared Owls and most of
the rest of the birds that others have recently seen along Eide Rd.

>From there we went to the Game Range on Fir Island and saw a House Wren

along with a large group of other birds along Wiley Slough just out of
the west parking lot.
The group of about 6000 Snow Geese with one Blue morph were close by to
the game range.
At Randy and Wendy's feeders the usual suspects all seemed to be there.
Finished up at Edmonds. A Brandt's Cormorant near the fishing pier was a
nice find. We also watched at close range as a Double crested caught a
good sized rockfish.
It then proceeded to skillfully get it turned around before swallowing
it. It then swam away in spastic movements as it seemed the big fish was
reaping havoc inside the bird.
Also observed as a first for all in the group was a Horned Grebe with a
fish in its bill getting chased by a Common Merganser. Both birds ran
across the water with wings flapping for about 80 yards
until the grebe decided to release it's catch.
Temperatures near 60, great company and excellent birds. Who could ask
for more in the Pacific Northwest in late January?
All the best
levineb at fastmail.fm

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