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Hugh Jennings h2ouzel at comcast.net
Fri Apr 1 14:54:01 PDT 2016

April Fool’s Day at the LHG turned out to be better than usual. This despite Larsen Lake being flooded on the south, west and north sides due to a beaver dam on Kelsey Creek at NE 6th St north of Larsen L. You need knee high boots to walk around the lake with water up to ~6” deep in places. But, it did attract a Wilson’s Snipe that flew out of a flooded shore area on the south side. An adult Northern Shrike flew over and landed at the top of a 100 ft. fir tree south of the lake. I did get some long distance photos to confirm it. This is first I have seen in the LHG since Feb. 2011.
Then to top the morning off a Barred Owl presented itself in the large wooded area between the lake. It was on the side trail going south up high in a fir tree and looking right down on the trail. It provided great photo opportunities.

Hugh Jennings
Bellevue, WA
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