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Sammy Catiis Hikersammy at msn.com
Fri Apr 1 21:54:07 PDT 2016

Just a few thoughts and observations this Spring. My yard is once again full of a variety of species. The last few days, have been really sweet, watching a pair of House Finches in full courtship. These two must really be in love.. as this is going on 3 days of full on attention to the Mrs. If you've never seen the courtship of House Finches.. the Male gives lots of kisses.. mock feeding .. to the Female.. and even feeds her some of the time. It's been really cute to watch.

Also something of interest, as I see a few people talking about fluff.. This year, I decided to go all natural. When I observe Hummingbirds out at near marshes.. their favorite fluff is from Cattail heads. And why not.. naturally soft and waterproof and a great insulator. I plucked off 8 or so heads from the Marsh in January, and with much delight have been watching, photographing and videoing the success of it all, as my Anna's for a week straight now, has been busy plucking from the cattail heads [&#X1f603] . If you ever need fluff.. think the most natural of all.. cattail heads!

Some interesting thoughts on Cattails.. If ever lost.. first thing to look for is Cattails. Take old heads and stuff your jackets/shirt/ hat full of the fluff. Not only does this provide excellent insulation, but it's a fantastic fire starter as well. Then of course, if the heads are green, they can be cooked and eaten, similar as corn on the cob.. and the roots when peeled.. taste similar to cucumber. However, if you are not lost.. leave them for the birds [&#X1f603]

Happy Spring..


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