[Tweeters] FOY birds, Nisqually, 4-2-16

Izzy Wong gobirder at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 18:46:43 PDT 2016

We had a great couple of hours of birding the Nisqually WR yesterday morning.

No matter how often I go out this time of year, I never cease to be gobsmacked by the avian symphony.
And, as the deciduous trees are beginning their annual new leaf display, birding by ear becomes a true friend. After hearing several RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS among the shrubs, we were finally treated to some amazing looks at these beautiful birdies. And, to our great delight, we even saw one creating a nest.

As I was looking at the Rufous nest-building, my birding ADD noted the song of a BROWN CREEPER somewhere behind us. I turned, and there it was, climbing up a trunk on the other side of the trail.

Another amazing sight, was my FOY BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER. I didn’t expect one there quite this early. I got great lengthy looks at it, at the expense of my neck. It wasn’t saying anything, so I was lucky to have found it.

Also had our FOY COMMON YELLOWTHROATS. I was thrilled, as my lifer COYE was at this same location over 20 years ago.

Lots of other wonderful birds found; 43 in all.

Hope all are enjoying the season!

isadora wong
seattle, wa
gobirder at gmail.com

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