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Mon Apr 4 08:35:57 PDT 2016

Life in transition, ruthless death purge and downsizing is under way in
prep for move, perhaps here somewhere, perhaps NW coastal California.

If anyone is interested in any of the following, please contact me off
line, and if you want 'em, they're yours, FREE, just come and get 'em, first
come, first serve, they are ready right now. If there are no takers within
the next few days, ALL of the itemized materials listed below are headed
for the Renton Transfer Station recycle dumpsters.

Pacific Seabirds
Vol 1 (1974) thru Vol 31 (2004) -- all issues present and accounted for.

WOS News
Numbers 1 (1988) thru 127 (2010) but missing the following: #54, 78, 84,
98, 99, 100, 112, 120, 125, mostly missing because they never got delivered,
but some pre-#90 ones may have just been misplaced and might turn up
later. FREE

Washington Birds
Vol 1 (Dec1989) thru Vol 10 (Apr 2008). FREE

WDFW Feb 1995 Recovery Plan papers (two) for Upland Sandpiper and Snowy
Plover. FREE

American Birds / North American Birds
vol 51(1997) thru vol 68 (2015) -- I think all issues are present for this
period. FREE

vol 21 (1989) thru vol 47 (2015) -- I think all issues are present for
this period. Too bad I dumped all issues prior to that going all the way
back to the very beginning, vol 1, #1 (when it was just a little sort of xerox
newsletter) many many years ago in an earlier purge. FREE

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA
_Pterodroma at aol.com_ (mailto:Pterodroma at aol.com)

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