FW: [Tweeters] RFI: Success of the California Condor Rehabilitation Program

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Hi Larry (et al.):

I work for the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and in recent years have been involved in efforts to develop tools to assist in locating possible reintroduction sites for the California Condor throughout its historic range. If you're interested, you can check out:

D’Elia, J., S.M. Haig, M. Johnson, B.
Marcot, and R. Young. 2015.
Activity-specific ecological

niche models for planning reintroductions of
California Condors (Gymnogyps
californianus). Biological
Conservation 184:90-99.
This paper deals with CA, OR and WA, but we are currently looking into applying similar techniques in ID, NV, UT and AZ.

Anyway, I put your question to our regional Condor expert, Jesse D'Elia, and his response is below. Hope that helps.

Rich Young

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Hugely successful in boosting numbers. From a little over 20 birds in the 1980s (all in captivity) to over 400 today, with more than 200 in the wild.
A few threats still persist (most notably lead poisoning) and the trajectory of the population is currently dependent on human intervention. Voluntary efforts to reduce lead poisoning in AZ and UT, and regulatory measures that will phase out lead ammunition in California by 2019 are trending in the right direction - time will tell if these measures are successful. The potential for releases in northern California and Hells Canyon are being evaluated and could further expand the population into more of its historical range.
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Hey Jesse:

This is a question that came across the WA Tweeters list. Do you have any info I could pass along?


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Subject: [Tweeters] RFI: Success of the California Condor Rehabilitation Program

Does anybody have information or a site for information about how successful the rehabilitation program has been for the California Condor? It seems like I have heard both sides on this through the years, so I don't know what the results really are.
Larry Baxter

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