[Tweeters] lots of local raptors over the Bellevue Eastgate homestead today

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Thu Apr 7 20:01:05 PDT 2016

It must have been the glorious weather and I wasn't even outside all that
much being still way too busy with indoor chores. Still, during the few
times I emerged to enjoy the early summerish warmth (83F for afternoon high),
the airways overhead were busy with raptors, some in mixed species
kettles, others in pairs and singles. In 22 years at this residential
Bellevue-Eastgate location, I've never seen this much variety on the same day. The
list included, Bald Eagle (1), Red-tailed Hawk (3), Cooper's Hawk (1), Osprey
(2-3), and Merlin (1 very dark!). Peak of the activity was around noon to
early afternoon.

Today was by far the earliest I've had within sight and sound of the yard,
Ospreys. I usually see and hear them once or twice a year but usually
midsummer when they wander away from the lake areas. Anyway, they were
persistently vocal which is what alerted me in the first place and numbered at
least two, maybe three.

The Merlin came through mid-afternoon, calling and flying about and
remained in the area for about 15 minutes before either leaving or going silent.
Probably inspecting the area for nest site potential. They did that last
year about this time but didn't stick around and went to nest elsewhere,
and I've got a hunch they'll be doing the same again this season. To where,
no idea, but probably within a mile. It was right here in and adjacent to
the yard where a pair nested and successfully fledged young for four
straight years 2011-2014, always from a different treetop and nest, which was
most entertaining and at times incredibly noisy.

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA
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