[Tweeters] The Fill

Louis Kreemer lpkreemer at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 15:11:04 PDT 2016

Hi Tweeters,

Today I spent a glorious few hours out in the sunshine at Montlake Fill. The Savannah Sparrows and Common Yellowthroats were singing away, and I saw a good deal of nesting action, including partially completed American Robin and Canada Goose nests. Tree Swallows investigated possible nesting trees. There were at least three, (up to six) American Pipits flying about the Fill, including the Youth Farm and Dime Lot. The California Quail is still about, and called today close to the Dime Lot. Later the female Ring Necked Pheasant at the Youth Farm made it a two ‘game bird’ day. Scaup and Ring Necked Ducks are still around in low numbers, as well as Green Winged Teals.

The Virginia Rails were very territorial. I stood near Main Pond listening to them calling, then got nice looks at two of them. Then a third appeared a few feet away and darted across the path to join them. Later I heard a fourth. Also an Orange Crowned Warbler in Yesler. Fun day at the Fill!

Louis Kreemer,

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