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Sat Apr 9 22:06:36 PDT 2016

Wanna festival? Well Port Townsend's got 'em. They got the Rhody festival, the Wooden Boat festival, the Fiddle festival, and the Blue's festival etc. These all happen later in the year, but now is the BLUE festival , not to be confused with the (" my momma done told me".....) Blues festival.

Feeling lucky, I saddled up my trusty (and rusty) ride Maroon (she's not an Appaloosa , she's a Toyota) , and rode over to the the Lone Prairie here in Port Townsend - the Kah Tai Prairie that is. It's on the golf course in town. I should've been, but wasn't, prepared for the sight to be seen. Blue! And lots of it. Too bad I can't find my Hank Williams CD because that would've been a great soundtrack for the moment.
As I've noted in previous posts, I saw the first blooming Camas here back on March 20th, and more budded up on the 25th, and phenological seer that I sometimes am, foresaw the prairie soon turning blue. Today it really was - with the blooming Camas. Both Maroon and I stopped in our tracks ." Whoa, will you look at that!" I exclaimed.
Seeing such a mass of native blue flowers is enough to make you glad to be alive - at least it was working for me. Also prominent in prairie color now is the yellow-gold Lomatium - one of the earliest flowers to bloom here, and still growing larger.
Camas is sort of famous for being a highly valued food plant of native folks - the Lomatium was eaten too. When viewing edible things in the wild I tend to get hungry. Since the prairie is a preserve (thanks to Washington Native Plant Society), I wasn't about to go digging up any bulbs and roots (and wouldn't know what to do with them anyhoo).
Instead, I noted some wild mustard (technically a weed) growing on the nearby golf course waste pile, which looked too funky to have any pesticide in it, so I gathered up some and stir-fried it up for dinner. Yummy. PT is covered with the stuff right now - showy yellow flowers easy to spot. Free greens.
Lastly, I should note that stopped, gobsmacked by blue, upon entering the prairie, I saw my first Savannah Sparrow of the prairie year.
Blue, check it out soon!
Jeff Gibsonon the lone prairiePort Townsend Wa

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