[Tweeters] May Creek yesterday

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 13:00:27 PDT 2016

Hi all,
We notice there's very few reports from May Creek WMU (north of Duvall, south of Monroe)  on tweeters or ebird. 
Here's a late report from May Creek yesterday:
3 Cinnamon Teal2 Wilson's Snipeabout 15 Greater Yellowlegsminimum 2 Soramin 3 Virginia RailNorthern Harrier, Red-tailKilldeerPurple Finch Tree Swallows: (May Creek is a great site for these birds)Mourning Dove  (Honest, not a Collared Dove!)

We had an American Bittern vocalizing at Stillwater and Rough-winged Swallows at the bend in the river at Stillwater with the historic Bank Swallow colony, (no Bank Swallows).  Large flyover of Cackling Geese there also.
Also Wood Ducks and an Osprey at Crescent Lake.

Ed Newbold

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