[Tweeters] Possible White-tailed Eagle at Fort Casey, Whidbey Island

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Great photos!

I ask that when the experts reply they do so to all of us!

Trip to Ft. Casey, anyone!!

Will & Willie Markey
East of Auburn on Soos Creek
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> Hi tweets!


> My aunt and uncle live on Whidbey Island, and my aunt recently posted a few photos she shot at Ft. Casey of local wildlife, including shots of a couple of eagles, At first, I thought she'd found a partially leucistic Bald Eagle, even though the pale feathers mixed with dark really didn't look to me like the way leucism generally manifests.


> Then this afternoon, I was flipping through my Nat Geo field guide and saw the illustration of the White-tailed Eagle. Bam. It is a dead ringer for the adult eagle she photographed, and now I think it's possible that the juvenile she also captured may be a Juvie White-tailed -- based on the white feathers interspersed in the body, the heavy bill, and the shorter tail tipped with dark feathers.


> I realize this would be an extraordinary find, as we are far, far out of their range, so I'm asking for the help of you excellent birders. I've put my aunt's three photos into an album here: http://imgur.com/a/szBin


> The first image is the juvenile; the next two are the older bird. The last pic is definitely the best for ID purposes. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I'd so much appreciate it!


> Best,


> Susan Littlefield

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