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mary hrudkaj mch1096 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 12 15:00:36 PDT 2016

Yesterday (Monday) morning while recuperating from knee surgery at my sister's in the south Kitsap area I was doing some exercises and saw what looked like a long feather fluttering from the rear window of my car (red Ford SUV) parked behind the house. There was a bit of a breeze so I thought maybe something had caught in the rear wiper blade. As I watched the flutter continued so I got up to see what was going on. To my amazement there was a male Junco repeatedly attacking the rear window from his perch on the wiper blade. I opened the door and told him to go molest something else. He dropped to the ground and worked his way around the car then started on the passenger side rear view mirror facing the house. Upon looking closer at the mirror I saw a large amount of excrement below the window ledge where he had been perching during his assault on the perceived antagonist. Looking through the car I could see the driver side mirror also had bird snot on it. Later my sister went out to rinse pollen off the car but the bird kept coming back. We finally moved the car to the north side of the house hoping this would be out of the junco's perceived territory. Fat chance..... Even covering the mirrors with plastic bags didn't slow down his assaults. At one point another male junco was watching this crazy guy as if wondering what was going on. The passenger side mirror is so dirty as to be only half usable.

This morning there were new bird marks on the mirrors and 'presents' on the doors and rear window according to my sister. While my sister was away for a while the crazed junco was going at the living room window just above a handrail which made a good attack perch. When my brother-in-law came home for lunch he asked what the blanket was doing on my car. I didn't know since I couldn't see that part of the yard from inside. I said I thought maybe my sister put it there to keep off the junco. He said the junco had been attacking the mirrors, windshield and bumpers of his SUV squad car which was parked near where mine had been.

My car is now home at my place and my brother-in-law is back a work so Mr. Junco has nothing to attack since my sister's other two cars are garaged.

I wonder what Mr. Junco will do now????

Mary Hrudkaj

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