[Tweeters] Canada Goose Attacks Bald Eagle

John Riegsecker jriegsecker at pobox.com
Tue Apr 12 21:38:48 PDT 2016

Saturday, at Theler Wetlands I watched as a Bald Eagle attempted to
catch a Green-winged Teal and was thwarted by a Canada Goose. The teal
led the eagle in a series of circles before diving for the river with
the eagle hot on its tail. The teal evaded the eagle several times and
the eagle continued in pursuit. At some point the eagle got too close to
a pair of Canada Geese and one of them launches itself and takes direct
aim on the eagle. The eagle apparently avoids a direct hit, the teal
seeks sanctuary between the geese, and the eagle makes several passes
over the geese and teal.

This all took place over 500 feet from me and the photos are
significantly cropped. Additionally, they were flying so fast it was
difficult to keep them in the view finder so the picture quality ranges
from poor to terrible. I'm posting them because it seems like an
interesting story.


John Riegsecker

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