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Wed Apr 13 09:14:54 PDT 2016

Hey tweets, UWBG and I are offering a class on bird foraging on Monday, April 18 at 7 p.m. For details, contact me off-list.

BTW, an issue has come up in Yesler Cove, the circular body of water at the south end of Yesler Swamp. Last week a houseboat owner anchored in this tiny cove for three days! According to a neighbor who spoke to her, she claimed it was legal for her to do so, as long as she didn't moor (which of course she had done). Further, she said she would be coming back. Yikes.

I spoke to UWBG about this, and they don't know for sure who has jurisdiction in the cove. The UW owns the swamp, but rules can be arcanely different for vessels on waterways, and houseboats are in a category of their own in the city code, at least for some things.

The UWBG recommends that if you see this houseboat in the cove or at the entrance to the cove between the cove and the grass island out there, call 911. The call should be forwarded to the harbor police, an arm of the city police. They should know the legalities, which I'm hoping require this person to leave and not come back.

I'm going to file this one under "What next?" It's the same file that contains the story about the guy who leads "trips" by looping climbing ropes upon the city's biggest trees and then helps people climb up. My file is getting fuller and fuller, what with drones watching nests and other technological advances. - Connie, Seattle

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