[Tweeters] Hummingbird

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Mon Apr 18 19:33:46 PDT 2016

Hi Tweeters!

This afternoon (still trying to write a post for a trip to eastern WA...) but had to post my wonderful interaction with a young hummingbird in my garden.
We had been working in the yard and the young hummer was inspecting all the colorful handles of the garden tools. It just sat around like it was waiting for mom to
come. It was opening it's bill and grabbing some gnats. When I went up to the deck it was up in some branches near the feeder so I picked up one of the little tube
feeders and held it and the little bird came right over to it and fed. This happened again and then the third time, I put my finger beneath the bee guard and that little
bird sat on my finger for at least 3 minutes slugging down the nectar! My husband was right there to witness it! My arm was getting very tired so luckily she flew off.

I must say it is a great feeling! I did have a Calliope sit on my finger at Tom Lamb's place in Dixie, WA in 2009! Magical! But today, this just added to the fascination I have with
these little birds.

We had a fabulous trip to eastern WA and will post our sightings. It was a good test of our memory to remember all we saw and where.

To be continued...

Caryn / Wedgwood

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