[Tweeters] Martins and Vultures

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Mon Apr 18 20:33:37 PDT 2016

I'd write more, but am suffering from PTHSD - that's Port Townsend Heat Stress Disorder. It actually got above 70 degrees today! On the Weather Underground site it said "feels like 77" - it did, in the late afternoon, here in my frog and duck part of town.
In a brief afterwork stop at Fort Worden, I noted my first Purple Martins of the year at the pier (Marine Science Center nesting boxes) - two males. I'd been waiting.
Also happening was a passage of Turkey Vultures - I counted 10 over the short time I was there. I'm pretty sure if I'd played dead for awhile ,more would be passing by - but being alive - I had, like, chores to do and needed to move on myself. So it goes.
Jeff Gibsonwarm inPort Townsend Wa
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