[Tweeters] Clallam Red-naped Sapsucker 4/22

Ryan Merrill rjm284 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 12:50:47 PDT 2016

Alex Patia found a Red-naped Sapsucker at Lake Crescent yesterday. Here's
more information from Alex:

Red-naped sapsucker seen well moving from tree to tree along the
NatureBridge waterfront just east of the dock. It seems to favor the cedar
trees, generally stayed high up in the canopy and only called once.
Appeared to be a male (no white chin) with a red throat (partially bordered
with black), forehead, and nape (naturally).

I work at NatureBridge and can say weekends would be the best time to look
for this rarity. On weekdays we have 100-200 students running around campus
so your odds of finding the sapsucker will be far less likely. This weekend
we have no school programs but do have an adult conference group so I'd
recommend parking at the Mt Storm King ranger station parking lot (right at
the stop sign after you turn off Hwy 101) and then walk over on the trail
to the west then right on the next road (Barnes Point Rd) to the main
NatureBridge entrance, from here walk the gravel loop drive and past the
white building on your right, turn right and head to the lakeshore. The
RNSA was foraging in all of the trees on the waterfront, actively moving
from tree to tree with no more than a minute or two in one spot so look for
movement in the canopy. It gave some mewing calls briefly but was otherwise
silent in the two hours I observed it. I will unfortunately be gone the
next week but hopefully it'll stick around. Best of luck!

Alex Patia
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