[Tweeters] Spring in Grant & Lincoln Co.s - Swan, Kingbirds, Ferruginous, and Tri-coloreds

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Sun Apr 24 22:04:46 PDT 2016

Hi -
We made a dawdling shopping trip from Electric City to Moses Lake and back today. Spring is roaring in here in the north basin.

Highlights -
- A single swan with an iron-stained head and neck and no visible yellow on the culmen was hanging out with the Canada Geese at Jones Bay on Banks Lake. The bill and forehead look awfully straight, but I'm too chicken not to call it a Tundra.
- At least 10 Western Kingbirds on Stratford Road north of Moses Lake. I haven't checked my old notebooks yet, but this seems really early.
- A Ferruginous Hawk on the Wilson Creek cutoff road just east of where it branches off Highway 28.
- A flock of Tri-colored Blackbirds in the field next to Marlin Trailer on Road 22 NE west of Marlin.
- Swainson's Hawks everywhere (including one pair doing the nasty).
- White-throated Swifts are back at Million Dollar Mile along Banks Lake (more romantic interludes).
- American Avocets and Black-necked Stilts at the Coulee City sewage ponds.

All together, 53 species, even with no Vesper Sparrows, Bald Eagles or grebes.

-Roy Myers, Electric City, WA

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