[Tweeters] Dancing with Osprey

Steve Krival stevekrival at live.com
Mon Apr 25 22:29:21 PDT 2016

While washing my car yesterday afternoon near N 45tth Street and Sunnyside
Ave N in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle I heard the unmistakable
cry of an osprey, and looking up saw one soaring at quite a height. I wonder
if that wasn't Hubbell's Lacey or Chester from the UW athletic complex. Last
spring or summer I repeatedly saw an osprey in the same area of Wallingford.
That bird seemed to be attracted to the Taco Time on N 45th Street and
Corliss Ave N. It's one thing to go hunting for a particular bird species
and locate it; it's quite another to have your day surprised by the
transcendental flight of a bird of prey who seems to come looking for you!

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