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> A White-cheeked Starling has been present in Tofino for the past three

> days on the golf course. The origin is of course debatable and could be an

> escape or ship-assisted. The ABA considers the latter to be "wild" and

> countable. Strange rule when other rules state that those assisted by man

> are not.


> A previous record of White-cheeked Starling was previously reported in

> Homer, Alaska but rejected based on unknown provenance. Identification is

> not a question, but provenance obviously is.


> *There are specific rules in place to view this bird.* Birders are

> welcome early in the morning before the golfers arrive but must be out by

> 8:30am which gives you about 2 hours. The starling is found on the second

> fairway at the Long Beach Golf Course. It is seen mostly when it lands on

> the fairway to feed. Be sure to park where you do not block the gate. Stay

> off the green entirely and the fairways as much as possible and stay in the

> centre among the trees. The best method appears to be to simply hang out in

> one place and wait. The golf course management is generously giving birders

> an opportunity to see the bird, so I want to stress how important it is to

> adhere to the rules. One violation could ruin it for everyone. There is a

> spot on Grice Bay Rd, about 15 m before the road closure barricades that,

> with a scramble, provides a view of the section of the Long Beach Golf

> Course where the bird was seen. that spot is marked with 5 parallel sticks

> on the road edge.


> Evenings may be a possibility but only with a guide and Wednesday and

> Thursday evenings are exempt. The staff has stated that if the greens are

> vacant you are allowed on after asking permission at the office.


> The location for the Long Beach Golf Course is 1850 Pacific Rim Hwy,

> Tofino.


> Letter from ABA committee member:

> In the 1998 Homer Alaska case, the bird was not accepted by the AK

> Committee, and was never considered by the ABA Checklist Committee. The ABA

> CLC usually (but not always) waits until the local records committees vote

> before it considers a species for the ABA Checklist.


> So, to answer the question: a ship assisted bird is absolutely considered

> to be “wild”, and I have no idea what the ABA CLC will do with this record.

> The only question would be whether or not it is an escaped cage bird.

> That’s particularly difficult to prove, because Tofino (or Alaska) is

> pretty much where you would expect this species to show up in the ABA Area,

> and White-cheeked Starling is one of the species that Pranty and Floyd

> predicted would be recorded in the ABA area in the coming years. <

> http://aba.org/birdersguide/Pranty-ABA-Checklist-Committee-WebExtra.pdf> Also,

> it is commonly seen on ships well off the coast of Japan, heading east.


> Keith Taylor

> Victoria BC


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