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This info regarding Ebird and the BBC just arrived from the Carolina List Serv. Does anyone know if the WA Ebird reviewers have a similar plan?

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> Hi birders,


> Consider this your annual eBird public service announcement. For the fourth year in a row, the Great Backyard Bird Count is being run through eBird. What this means is that many dozens of observers are going to be entering data of varying quality into the program over the next few days so those of you who receive "Needs" alerts for birds in NC or your county should expect to treat those alerts with a boulder-sized grain of salt if something really spectacular is reported.


> Your trusty team of NC eBird reviewers are helping me keep the really odd stuff from getting too much traction, but it's a remarkable amount of data and may take a little time to get through.


> Also, I've tightened the filters a little bit in an attempt to catch some of the most commonly misidentified birds, so for this coming week you'll be asked to provide details for regular species like Red-headed Woodpecker, House Wren, Common Raven, White-crowned Sparrow, etc. You will have to use the "Show Rarities" tab to find those species this week. Sorry in advance about that.


> This is mostly to prevent people from submitting misidentified Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Carolina Wrens, American Crows, White-throated Sparrows, etc. I know the vast majority of regular eBird users know those birds, so please bear with me as I weed that stuff out. A simple acknowledgement that you know what you're talking about will suffice.


> That said, with so many more observers it's possible that something really good will be found and reported as well, and I'll be sure to let the listserv know if something notable is found. Remember, it was a report of a Great White-fronted Goose in Person County during the GBBC in 2013 that led directly to that Northern Lapwing found by Marty Wall.


> Anyway, thanks for using eBird and thanks for understanding that this week is a bit of a bear.


> Nate Swick



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