[Tweeters] Thanks for an awesome 2015!!!

Christopher Clark cjbirdmanclark at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 19:02:49 PST 2016

Hello fellow Tweeters,

With 2015 now behind us, I wanted to take the time to thank each and every
one of you for posting your neat bird sightings both here on Tweeters as
well as on ebird. This was my first full year using these wonderful tools,
and I must say that because of this, I had what I could easily say was my
best year of birding yet! But of course, it's each and every birder who
makes these tools so helpful. I mean, without those ebird reports and
Tweeters emails coming in, how would we know of any rare goodies, where to
find common birds, or how birds are doing population-wise? So I thank you
all for the time and effort you put forth to alert the rest of us to all
those winged treasures out there!

On a personal level, if not for your reporting your sightings, I would have
never seen such rarities as the Pierce County Acorn Woodpeckers,
White-breasted Nuthatch, Gray Catbird, King Eider, Ruddy Turnstone, Clark's
Grebe, among many others. I was also able to use this info to figure out
where I could find such common (ish) birds such as Cassin's and Red-eyed
Vireos, Rock Sandpipers, Marbled Godwits...Well, the list goes on and on,
but the point is, these are birds I never would have likely found on my
own. Plus, I was able to discover many new birding spots along the way,
such as Woodland bottoms, Hoquiam STP, among others, thanks to everyone and
especially those who answered my questions regarding all those spots!

So, thanks once again to those who make use of the birding tools we have at
our disposal and taken the time to write up those reports. Here's to a new
birding year! I can't wait to see what's in store for 2016!

Christopher Clark
Sumner, WA
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