[Tweeters] Doug. Co. Snowy Owl

merdave at homenetnw.net merdave at homenetnw.net
Fri Jan 1 19:48:59 PST 2016

Happy New Year, It seems lots of birders spend New Years Day doing that,
instead of sitting inside, watching football. After finding the N. Hawk
Owl in Ok. Co., we went looking for others, and found the missing Snowy
Owl about 2 miles south of where it was first found on Road 15. On Hwy.
172, west of Mansfield, and west of N. Division there are a few pullouts.
We saw a bird on a rock about 1 mile south, and it was indeed what seems
to be the same dark Snowy Owl. If you can see the new residence to the
north, it was south of it.. We could not find a Saw Whet Owl in
Bridgeport State Park, but did see one in the tree at the entrance to Lake
Woods Golf Course. Footprints there indicate that others had been there
before us. May you have many wonderful birds in 2016! Meredith
Spencer, Bridgeport

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