[Tweeters] Pygmy Owl

Kristin Stewart kristinstewart01 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 1 20:23:35 PST 2016

Michael and I walked out to Woodard Bay in Olympia this afternoon. At about 1:05 we heard a Northern Pygmy Owl tooting on the west side of the trail about half way up the first incline. Quiet on our return. I have so rarely seen/ heard them around here, with the exception of McLane Nature area and Capital Forest.

And I have both a male and a female Townsend's Warbler using my tube feeders filled with sunflower hearts. Also have suet and seed cylinders close by, but they seem to be going to the tube feeders (to my surprise)!

Kristin Stewart
Kristinstewart01 at comcast.net

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