Dennis Moore dennisdmoore at comcast.net
Sat Jan 2 12:36:20 PST 2016

While Juanita Beach Park was busy on a sunny Saturday the humans mostly
stayed on the pavement. Being otherwise inclined I followed the crow
noise to a tree where a red-tailed hawk was disassembling a large vole.
At about 15 ft off the ground and ~25ft away my 8X monocular gave me an
excellent view of the feast. Bite by ripping bite the vole was reduced
to a slender bloody gulp in about 5 minutes. Let the preening begin.
Oblivious to the masses and well fed, the hawk went through a number of
yoga poses revealing 2 digits of the right leg band. Hey. This old
friend appeared to the female #291. A local resident and always good to
see. A special treat. Go make some babies.

Scoping the lake I saw the usual suspects. Pie-billed, common and
hooded merganser and (always) wood ducks were the stand-outs. The bay
park causeway is likely one of the best places to get low angle sun
shots of woodies and hooded.

If you are an owl fan and have tall boots - I have heard a northern
saw-whet calling from the woods on Forbes Creek behind the fire
station. There is a service road access behind the fire station that is
also a good location for passerines.
Another service road accesses this area from the north side.

My best wishes for a happy and prosperous year.

Dennis Moore

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